Video: Dollar General Clerk Faces Charges for Spanking Child With Belt

Okay, first off, to be completely honest, the video below does not actually show the Dollar General clerk, Emilia Bell, spanking the 8-year-old boy on survielance video, although that footage exists . . . somewhere. No the video below is from WMAZ and their coverage of this incident.

But still, something strange is going on out there in the world. Can't quite put my finger on it just yet, but it's happening.

Wrightsville's police chief says a Dollar General clerk accused of spanking a customer's son now faces a new charge: cruelty to children. Emilia Bell was arrested last Thursday and originally charged only with simple battery. That was upgraded over the weekend to aggravated assault after authorities viewed the alleged spanking from a different camera angle. Wrightsville Police Chief Paul Sterling said it appeared that Bell struck the boy around 25 times with a belt. Monday, he told 13WMAZ's Austin Lewis the decision to add a cruelty to children charge was made after consulting with the Johnson County magistrate. On Monday, 13WMAZ called the clerk's home, and a woman who identified himself as a relative said Bell declined to comment.

Wrightsville Police Chief: Store Clerk to Face New Charge in Spanking Case | 13wmaz.com