Video: Dumbass Nails 720 Back-flip . . . on His Head

We certainly applaud people with the adventurous spirit to try something that’s never been done before.

That’s sort of the core of the human spirit that makes us want to explore new lands, go into outer space, or just break records that others say can’t be broken.

Like doing a 720 degree (two complete turns) back-flip.  The good news is that this guy gives it a try with some of his friends and he manages to get through two complete revolutions.

The bad news? Instead of landing on his feet, he lands directly on his head.

See, this is why we need Obamacare. And softer sand. But mostly really good, cheap doctors.

You also get to see the whole thing done again in slow motion, as if it didn’t look painful enough in real time.

Landing A 720 Blackflip On Your Head – Watch More Funny Videos

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