Video: Worst Thief Ever?

Okay, so let’s break things down for you because this video goes by quickly and there’s so much dumbassery to see here.

First, this genius walks into security camera range with his ski mask UP, so he can survey the interior of what looks to be some kind of convenience store or fast food place locked up for thenight. He then walks out of camera view, pulls the mask down (so we won’t see his face) and picks up a large rock. Wait, what’s up with those pants?

Anyway, now in full criminal mode he steps back, throws the rock and it only cracks the window. In a panic he runs away, only to trip over the concrete parking block. And, we’re assuming, it was at this point he fell on his keys. Good thing he’s got lots of tummy padding.

Please excuse the Benny Hill music.

The Worst Thief Ever – Watch More Funny Videos

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