CNN Anchors Do "Satellite Interview" of Each Other From 30 Feet Apart

If you ever wondered how desperate the news networks were getting to have things "look" just a certain way, look no further than the "interview" conducted Tuesday by Nancy Grace of HLN of Ashleigh Banfield of CNN . . . both owned by Time Warner. They are talking to each other from about 30 feet apart in a parking lot.

Watch the video below.

Shameful, just shameful
Producers at CNN apparently thought viewers wouldn’t notice that anchors Nancy Grace of HLN/Headline News and Ashleigh Banfield of Newsroom were standing no more than 30 feet way from one another as they manipulated the footage and placed Grace on Banfield’s right instead of her left. 
The blatant visual gimmick aired Tuesday morning as the two correspondents reported on the latest details behind the horrific Cleveland kidnapping story and pretended they were conducting a remote interview, as the Atlantic Wire pointed out soon after. At a glance the morning segment on CNN might have seemed like a real satellite Q&A as Banfield feigned to interview Grace, a leading commentator on deviant crime, from a separate location. But the segment’s background, including the same building and passing cars, quickly showed that both of the anchors were at the same location in Phoenix, Arizona.
Bizarre moment CNN anchors unsuccessfully try to pretend they are not in the same parking lot | Mail Online