Sad News for Readers of The Dumbass Daily

Well kids, looks like we’re going to have to shut this site down. Got this message yesterday from PJH. You guys all know PJH, right? Never leaves a comment or sends us a story? Yeah, that guy.

Recent site content…
Noticed recently that you’ve decided to turn into a Cheezburger clone.
Just letting you know why I’ll no longer be visiting.


Wow, where did that come from? It’s like a email punch to the balls.

I guess in our hearts we all knew this day would come and PJH would become disillusioned with TDD and what I’m posting here and bid a farewell. Obviously, without him as one of my readers I can’t possibly go on.

It’s just . . . too hard . . . without PJH. He was such an important part of what I do every day.

I’m sure this was not an easy decision for PJH and he is likely going through some tough times and soul searching right now as he tries to find a new website to visit each day.

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