Video: The Most Awkward “Pro Vegan” Video You’ll Ever See

The most awkward EVER? Come on!

Okay, we haven’t see every pro vegan video ever made (actually we probably haven’t seen any), but after watching this thing, we can’t imagine another one being made that is more awkward or disturbing. We really doubt this is going to turn anyone who drinks milk or eats meat from continuing to do so.

Basically, you have a guy in a cow costume trying to get a woman to “suck on his teats” for milk. Actually badgering her to do it. She, of course, refuses and talks about the benefits of getting her nutrients from plants and vegetables.  Vegan – 1, Cow – 0.

But then, for some reason, the “cow” takes a nap and has this dream sequence that gets pretty creepy and goes on WAY too long. Cow – 1, Viewers – 0

WARNING: May not be safe for work or your brain.

This Awkward Pro-Vegan Video Makes No Sense – Watch More Funny Videos

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