Female Teacher Denies Sex With Boy, Says 230 Pages of Naughty Texts Just Part of "Sexual Therapy" to Motivate Kid - Ethel Anderson

UPDATE: Teacher Convicted in Student Sex Case - Now let's see if she gets any real jail time.

EARLIER: Former Mango Elementary School (Florida) teacher Ethel Anderson is on trial, accused of having an inappropriate relationship with a then 12-year-old boy she was tutoring. On the stand this week the boy, now 14, gave fairly graphic testimony about how Anderson would rub his legs and kiss him during their tutoring sessions.

Anderson insists she didn't have sex with the boy and also claims that the pre-teen actually threatened to get her in trouble if she didn't give in to his sexual advances. She then took the stand and made one of the most unusual defenses in a female teacher sex scandal trial we've ever heard: when asked about the 230 pages (not 230 messages, 230 PAGES) of racy text messages about porn and sex acts between the two, Anderson claimed it was a motivating technique called "sexual therapy." 

This "fantasy" was supposed to motivate the boy (who she called a "troubled student") into becoming a better student. Anderson told the court with a straight face, "At the time, with him struggling with school and having behavioral issues and anger issues, acting out at home and not being able to connect with his family, the way that he and his parents felt, that was my purpose. To gain his attention and, yes, I did it in an inappropriate way."
Well, when you explain it that way Ms. Anderson, it makes all the sense in the world!

If convicted, the former teacher could get 30 years in prison, but that's not likely given the double standard received by most female teachers in these situations. In the end she will likely be found not guilty and the judge will apologize for taking up so much of her time on this nonsense.

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