Lose a Football Bet? That's a Tasering!

Rival football fans make lots of crazy bets.And the bets are even wilder when the bets are within the same family.Take the Grants of Tinley Park, just outside Chicago. John Grant is a Bears fan and Ms. Grant is a Packers fan, so when the two NFL North Division teams met last Monday night they made a friendly wager while watching the game at the Sidelines Tap in Mayville, Wisconsin.No, she didn’t have to cook breakfast in bed for him, or he has to do the laundry for a month. No, the Grants found a new way to bet on the Bears/Packers game: the loser gets Tasered. (Before you make a bet like this you may want to If you’d like to check current football lines.)That’s right: this possibly sober couple in their early 40s (adults who should know better) settled a friendly bet with a zap from a stun gun. Usually used to bring down drunk or drugged criminals when they’re being uncooperative with the cops, it was apparently placed on Ms. Grants buttocks at least two times while the couple was smoking a cigarette in the alley behind the bar after Chicago beat Green Bay.It was at that point that Grant’s wife then called police, telling them she wished to file charges because, “Hell yeah it hurt.” Surprise!When police arrived, Mr. Grant was arrested and charged with felony possession of an electronic weapon. (Apparently it’s not legal for private citizens to own a Taser in Wisconsin. Who knew?) Here’s more from the Chicago Tribune:

“It takes not only the Packer and Bear rivalry to a new level, it takes the spousal rivalry (to a new level),” said Mayville Police Chief Christopher MacNeill. “There are couples where the wife is a fan of one team and the husband’s a fan of another team, but this raises the bar a little bit and goes to the extreme.”Grant’s wife told police she had not given consent for anyone to use a Taser, but police checked a video on her cell phone and saw the Taser used on her in the alley, where she is seen “laughing and it seemed apparent that Ms. Grant had consented,” the arresting officer wrote in the complaint.Cops: Husband uses Taser on wife after she loses Bears-Packers bet – Chicago Tribune

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