Video: Wannabe Arsonist Fails Miserably, Philadelphia Molotov Cocktail FAIL CCTV Video

World’s worst arsonist caught on camera. Repeatedly.  Not sure if this guy should go to jail or back to arson school.

Here’s more from the YouTube description:

A sad excuse for a hell-raiser could have blown a Philadelphia apartment sky-high, if only he had a good throw.

The aspiring arsonist could not for the life of him aim a Molotov cocktail through a window on the 2600 block of North Frankford Avenue in the city’s Richmond neighborhood Jan. 9 at 2:10 a.m., police said.

Surveillance footage shows the wannabe pyro light a poor man’s grenade that he throws at the home as he ducks for cover — five times in a row.

Each time, the burning flame goes out as the incendiary device falls back to the sidewalk and the failed firestarter scampers back and forth, nervous that his aggression might backfire.

The victims called police after the Molotov cocktail broke their front window and fell back to the sidewalk where cops found the remains of the device.

The man was wearing a hooded coat with a hooded sweatshirt underneath, a black hat, white shoes and sweatpants.

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