Is the Idiot Proof Diet a Scam?

Is “The Idiot Proof Diet” a Scam? There are a couple of ways to answer that question.

First, can it be a scam if the website exists? In this case Fat Loss 4 Idiots (aka The Idiot Proof Diet) does exist and appears to be operational, so in that sense it is not a scam. Second, it could be a scam if the website takes your money, but does not give you anything in return . . . like my ex-wife (I’m joking!). In this case, I would also have to say that is not a scam because payment portion of the site is operated by, a reputable online clearing house for e-books and online subscription services. ClickBank offers a 45 day money-back guarantee on ALL of it’s products and had been doing so for years. It would not take payments for an operation that was a scam or that would not compensate unhappy customers.

Third, when we say “scam” do you really mean “does it work?” As in, “if I follow the guidelines offered by the Fat Loss 4 Idiots (also known as The Idiot Proof Diet, in case you didn’t already know) will I finally lose weight?” From the reviews I’ve read, both professional and from actual customers (see reviews below), it does appear that MOST people lose weight on Fat Loss 4 Idiots, some even more than the 9 lbs in 11 days that it claims, which seems like a dream come true.

How does this diet work? By creating a calorie shifting menu for you. That’s right: when you pay for Fat Loss 4 Idiots you not only get a 45-page Handbook containing basic rules of calorie shifting, how to spot and eat foods that burn more fat and how to eat out and still lose weight. But you also get the Diet Menu Generator which creates for you a personalized calorie shifting diet by picking from a list of 50+ foods. You get 11 days worth of menus that tell you what to eat and when, then for three days you can eat whatever you want. Seriously!

There are also two packages offered: the first contains the Diet Handbook and Diet Generator, and the second adds a feature called “Beyond Calories Diet”. BCD is an “accelerated version” of the regular calorie shifting diet, but now you have a list of 80+ H.S. foods which make you feel full without actually filling you up with wasted calories. Package #1, Diet Handbook and Diet Generator is only $39. No monthly fees or membership charges. Package #2 contains both of those, plus the “Beyond Calories” for an extra $16.95, for a total of $55.95.

With either package, you have 8 weeks to ask for a return from Clickbank.

Is Fat Loss 4 Idiots a Scam? Like any diet, it will take willpower and determination to follow, so it likely won’t work for everyone who can’t stick to it. And some people have specific medical or emotional conditions that make it difficult to lose weight on even the most stringent plan. But it does not appear to be a scam and could very well be the answer you have been looking for. What do you have to lose, but those extra pounds?

You can find out more about this diet for FREE at their website: Idiot Proof Diet.

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