Video: Ski Slope iPhone Found with Metal Detector & GoPro

Wouldn’t believe it if I hadn’t seen it.  Seen it and still don’t.

Maybe the real lesson here is to not ski with your iPhone in your pocket, dumbass.

More from the YouTube description:

Jump to 2:30 for the discovery, if you want to skip the search part. 

I went skiing with my friend Lane last week and went down a tough run (for me anyway) with tons of moguls. Flipped over one and wiped out without zipping up my jacket pocket and my phone must have dropped out. Tried to go back the next day and look for it but it was just too crazy by hand, and we didn’t really know exactly where to look. 

Was really annoyed back home after having to buy a new phone… so then started looking at cheap metal detectors on Amazon, and went back the following weekend. Everyone was telling me I was crazy so I made sure everything was on GoPro. The phone was in a Mophie Pack which helped protect the ports etc from the snow. The pack still works too!

Special thanks to Lane for helping me out.

“I guess it’s always worth it, everything is always worth it now”
– Friend who earlier gave me 100-1 odds, but I didn’t take it… 

Stratton Ski Resort, VT.

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