Video: Beetlejuice Breaks in and Spends the Night!

If this was shot with a better camera, I might think it was a Jimmy Kimmel prank . . . but apparently not.

What surprises me is the homeowner had the presence of mind to grab a camera when he found this drunk passed out on his couch in the morning.

Here's more from the YouTube description:
Seriously... this happened last Friday night (10/29/10). I woke up early Saturday morning to find that some drunk guy dressed as Beetlejuice had broken in through the back door of our home and decided to spend the night. I came down stairs that morning to find him snuggled up nicely on the couch beneath one of my Packer blankets. He must have came from a damn near "killer" Halloween party. Imagine if I had encountered him in the middle of the night... ??? With the aid of my cell phone and a Louisville Slugger, I recorded his rude awakening and me expelling him from the house. Enjoy- it's F-ING HILARIOUS!!! (turn up the volume on your PC to get the full effect).