Video: Call of Duty Loser Calls Real Cops On Opponent After He Loses in Video Game

This guy is a front runner for Dumbass of the Year, certainly Dumbass of the Week.

Apparently, this is another case of “swatting” where someone makes a 911 called based on a false report, sending the police in full force to the wrong location . . . and it’s reportedly becoming more common.

Here’s more on the story from CBS News:

Officers from several departments as well as SWAT teams and hostage negotiators responded to the scene, but when police entered the home, they found everyone inside safe and unharmed.

Police said the caller may have been playing the online video game “Call of Duty” against a 17-year-old at the house. Tangney said the call may have been part of a phenomenon known as “Swatting,” in which gamers get more points depending on the level of police response to their hoax.

“They see what they can do about getting the police response, helicopters, et cetera,” Long Beach Police Lt. Edward Ryan told CBS New York. “While the gamers may be playing in a world of fantasy, we deal with nothing but hardcore reality. We take it very seriously. There was no way to know that if, in fact, it was any kind of a hoax.”

The Long Beach police involved in this latest incident estimate it may have cost taxpayers up to $100,000 for all the services and that yes, they are looking for the suspect.

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