The Mr Science Show – The Virtual Reality Helmet

I created The Mr. Science Show (a parody of the famous Mr. Wizard” kids show from the 60s and 70s) around 1994 with a morning show host in Lansing, Michigan by the name of Gene Gregory. I wrote the scripts and did the voice of Mr. Science’s young assistant, Timmy, and Gene voiced the title character and did the post production work.  I think in all we did about a dozen episodes for his morning show over about a year’s time and I still think it’s some of the best work I’ve ever done.

The CD with these episodes sat on my shelf for almost 20 years before some recent episodes of The Big Band Theory jogged my memory when Bob Newhart played a character called Professor Proton, an aging former kids science show host. It made me me think of my Mr. Science Show and I wondered if these shows still held up.

I think they do, but we’ll see what you think (comments below or on my new YouTube Channel). Keep in mind this was created for radio (although I did get this great logo created by a local art student for $50) and the sound quality during the show intro portion isn’t the best. But hey, I usually wrote these things in about an hour, we recorded them quickly–usually in one take–and then Gene edited them quickly.  At the time they were seen as disposable comedy, like a lot of the stuff we did for his show. I’m glad Gene saved them and even happier I can share them with you.

I chose this episode not because it was the first one we did (hard to tell the exact order of release from so long ago) but with all the interest in the Oculus Rift and virtual reality these days, I thought it would be a good one to post first. Hey, Mr. Science had a great idea 20 years ago and the rest of the world is just catching up!

If this video is received well, I might post some more episodes from the series.

Bob Reno

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