Video: Man on North Carolina Highway Rides On The Back Of A Car at 50 MPH and Breaks Rear Window To Get Inside

Say what?

Here’s more from the YouTube description:

A woman driving down Interstate 77 in North Carolina on Saturday was shocked to witness a man riding on the back of a sedan car speeding in front of her.

Brenda Cruz, who was in a vehicle with her family, said she was initially concerned for the man’s safety as the car was moving at 50 mph.

‘All of a sudden the kids say, “There’s someone on top of the car on the trunk,” and I’m like what?’ she told WSOC. ‘I said, “Let me get my phone and started recording.'”
The video shows a man sitting on the outside of the trunk before he starts maneuvering his body.

The Cruz family say they saw the man then break the back windshield and climb inside.

Whenever he lifted his hand to smash the glass open it looked like it was something sharp,’ said Brenda’s 17-year-old son Samuel Cruz. At first he had hought the man was a dummy.

According to the Cruz family the car was being driven by a woman who had a child in a car seat inside. ‘I’m really worried because I just hope she’s OK you know, with her kid,’ said Samuel Cruz.

Authorities received several calls about the incident, but troopers say they don’t have enough evidence yet to investigate.

They believe the driver and person on the back of the car probably know each other and that a domestic incident may have been taking place.

If police do track these people down, they said the driver will be culpable.

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