Rash of Arrests of Parents Leaving Kids in Hot Cars to go to Casinos

During the summer we always hear stories about parents leaving their kids in hot cars. Sometimes for just a few minutes, and sometimes for hours . . . often getting the police involved.  At The Dumbass Daily, we’ve even reported on some fathers leaving kids in cars to go into strip clubs.

The latest trend, however, seems to be leaving your kids in hot cars to go to the casino. In Pittsburgh, a mother left her 9-year-old in the car to redeem a $10 slots token. $10!  We also have the recent story of a father who left a baby in his car to go to a Delaware casino. Although, in his defense, he did leave the car running and it was in a handicapped parking spot.  Okay, on second thought, that just makes things worse, doesn’t it?

So what is with people gambling and leaving kids in the car?  Is there a shortage of babysitters these days, willing to watch your offspring for a couple of bucks while you go lose a couple grand at the roulette table? Or is it more of a problem with inadequate childcare at the casinos themselves?  There are certainly plenty of amenities for the elderly at these places, why not have a place to drop off your kids for a few hours? Maybe even try to turn it into a game of chance itself say, charging $50 for the service but offering gamblers the chance to go double or nothing. Win, you pay nothing, lose you pay $100 and you have to take someone else’s kid home with you . . . or something like that. (I’m still working on the rules here.)

Maybe the best alternative may be for these people to stay at home and still watch their kids while playing casino games online, like at caesars online casino games . That way, you would still get your thrills, but not have to leave the kids in the car to do it.  You still won’t win “Mother of the Year”, but at least you won’t get arrested.

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