Drunk Man Rides Bike To Taco Bell Drive Thru, Gets Arrested, Ends Up With Saddest Mug Shot Ever

Did anyone else think this was a the picture of a clown when they first saw it? Instead, it turns out to be the saddest mug shot you’re likely to see (at least until tomorrow) from a guy who only wanted some tacos.

It all started about 3 a.m  last Sunday morning in New Smyrna Beach, FL when Taco Bell employees refused to serve Gabriel Harris, 33, because he was on a bicycle in the drive-through lane, which is apparently against their rules. (This is a pretty common practice designed to protect the safety of the workers and customers). They called cops who then showed up and asked Harris to leave. In most cases the story would be over at this point, but that’s not what happened or we wouldn’t have this wonderful mug shot, would we?

As police were trying to get Harris to leave, they saw he had a Swiss Army knife on his belt loop. When the officer went to reach for it, the drunken Mr. Harris allegedly grabbed the officer’s wrist. Not a good move.

At that point, Harris was wrestled to the ground, promptly arrested and ended his long night by posing for one of the saddest-looking mug shot on record. Mr. Harris was charged with resisting arrest with violence after he refused to leave a Taco Bell on Sunday morning.

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