Man Charged With Drunk Driving on . . . a Bulldozer?

If you’re going to get drunk and go for a drive, why not do it in something unusual . . . like a bulldozer?

That’s exactly what Christopher Russell, 30, of Harrison, New Jersey did over the weekend and he ended up causing quite a bit of damage when he attempted to take the construction vehicle from West Hudson Park to his home in Newark.

According to police, they started receiving reports of the bulldozer being at various locations near the park on Friday night  and when cops finally caught up with the dozer it was in the middle of a street and Russell was climbing out of it. In his wake was a wide path of destruction that included leveled signs, three broken benches, two steel bollards, a tree, a drinking fountain, fencing and construction materials, and it also damaged part of a bridge, and generally tore up grass and left a widing path of tractor tracks.

According to cops, Russell smelled of alcohol and admitted to them that he the bulldozer because “he was cold and wanted to drive it home.” Fortunately for him (and unfortunately for the community) the keys were in the vehicle and he was able to just start it up and take off.

Ultimately Mr. Russell was charged with driving while intoxicated, criminal mischief, leaving the scene of an accident and, of course, theft of the bulldozer,

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