Video: Drunk Girl In Public (Social Experiment)

UPDATE #2: After all the uproar, the original video was set to “private” by the producer, Stephen Zhang. But we found another couple (don’t you just love YouTube?) and substituted it below.  You can watch the apology video from the young woman in the video, Jennifo Box, at Drunks.TV.

UPDATE: Turns out this video is a HOAX. Are you surprised? Details here.

EARLIER: What happens to a pretty young woman when she pretends to be drunk and approaches men asking for directions to the bus stop? Unfortunately, their best behavior does not come out.

Video below, but more on the story from the Daily Mail:

A new YouTube video gives a terrifying portrayal of the vulnerability of drunk women – and the shocking lengths that some men will go to in order to take advantage of their inebriated state.
The video, which was created by social media entrepreneur Stephen Zhang, follows a young woman – who is pretending to be seriously intoxicated – as she tries to find her way home from Hollywood Boulevard.
Throughout the video, the young woman, who introduces herself as Jennifer, appears to be sipping from a beer can as she staggers from one man to another asking for directions to her bus stop. 

Shockingly, of the five men featured, only one actually offers her assistance, while the rest attempt to lure her back to their homes – despite her obviously drunken state.
‘Hey, where you going?’ the first man asks. ‘You don’t need to take a bus, we’re going to go this way. We’re going to go somewhere else… to my house. There’s a bus line at my house.’ 

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