Drunk Driver Caught by . . . Deer?

We’ve seen a lot of strange drunk driving stories here at The Dumbass Daily.  People get pulled over by the cops most of the time, but occasionally someone else reports them, and once and a while a child in the car will call 911 to rat out a drunk parent. We’ve even seen drunks turn themselves into the police from time to time. But never had a deer brought a drunk driver to justice.

Until now.

The sheriff’s office in Wayne County, NY near Rochester claims to have picked up a drunk driver after she first hit a deer with her car.

Cops say Candi House, 23, was found when she pulled off to the side of the road after hitting the animal. While pulled over and examining the damage, deputies arrived and they found her to be intoxicated, hopefully after administering a proper DUI test that did not involve identifying road kill by the damage it does to your bumper.

After failing the test, House was then charged with driving while intoxicated and aggravated unlicensed operation. The officer at the scene only ticketed her, but House will have to appear in court at a later date to answer charges.

No word on how the deer is doing.

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