Drunk Teen Found Passed Out on Toilet in Stranger’s Home

Not sure what’s funnier about this story: the details as reported below by WPTA in Fort Wayne, Indiana, or the reaction in caused on their Facebook page after they reported it.

First, a video clip of the story:

Here are the basics of the story: A Muncie, Indiana couple comes home to find that not only has someone broken into their home, but that person is still there, AND passed out on their toilet with his sweatshirt pulled over his head. So they called police who arrived quickly (probably after they stopped laughing at this 911 call) and arrested Elliott J. Sweazey, 19 of Fort Wayne (likely a student at nearby Ball State University) on a preliminary charge of illegal consumption of an alcoholic beverage.

A brief, funny news story to break up what was otherwise probably a pretty boring newscast, right? But you wouldn’t know that from the reaction to the story on WPTA’s Facebook page:

From Jenny Dager: You find this news worthy? You should be ashamed.
Of all the stories to report you choose to humiliate this young man and his family?
Try serving good with all of your free time hatefulness. Make an attempt at some absolution such as unsolved crimes.
This is disgusting. 

From Josh Habegger: I think this is stupid to report. I just hope after the public humiliation that they don’t ruin his life with an obscene charge like breaking and entering. Kid made a mistake. Nothing new. 

From Jean Graber: To keep consistent with how you report your news, I’m shocked you didn’t report what high school he attended. Yeah, ehat high school this 19 year old attended is as irrelevant to this news story as that South Side student getting shot as a result of a drug deal gone bad. Slanted news organization! 

From Kevin Dar McCartney: You guys report on a story like this, but you withhold important information that the Fort Wayne public should really know about like how the public was scammed out of two high academic schools, how the school board withheld their information to the public that we all should of known about, and them making up a bogus matrix to achieve their dirty deed, how FWCS paid off all the judges in this city, why we have a druggie/ drug dealer elected back again on the FWCS SCHOOL BOARD, how our police force fear for their jobs if they do make any arrest about all this and other things around this city.WHAT’S THE MATTER WITH YOU PEOPLE!?!?! What happen to reporting the truth, the real stories! Shame on you! Shame on FORT WAYNE!!!

As Sergeant Hulka in the movie Stripes would say:

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