Police: Drunk woman crashes car into boat in Toms River

Unfortunately, drunk drivers run into a lot of things when they get behind the wheel: other cars, people, light posts, and the occasional building. But it’s pretty rare that one of them runs into a boat.

In this case in Toms River, NJ, Victoria Ventura, 57, was driving her Hyundai Santa Fe around 5:50 p.m. when she left the roadway jumped over a curb, through a utility pole and crashed into a pontoon boat that just happened to be stored adjacent to the roadway.

Ms. Ventura was not hurt in the accident, but she did blow an impressive blood alcohol concentration of  0.21%, nearly three times the legal limit. Additionally, her destruction of the power pole caused parts of the road to be closed and was linked to some intermittent power outages in town. But mainly it resulted in this cool photo of the wrecked boat.

If she lived in California, Ms. Ventura could probably find a Sacramento DUI defense lawyer to help her out. Not sure about assistance in Toms River, but she should be able to find one.

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