Woman Arrested for Drunk Driving Third Time in 2 Weeks After Stealing Dominos Delivery Car

Tara Tobin, 24, of Hyannis, Maine has had a rough couple of weeks. Which seems pretty obvious from the mug shot (right).

Early in November she was arrested for drunk driving. And a few days later, she was arrested AGAIN for drunk driving. And, within two weeks, she was arrested AGAIN for drunk driving, her third such charge in 16 days, according g to Barnstable police.

That in and of itself would put Ms. Tobin in a rare class for DUIs, but there’s more. In addition to the drunk driving charges, Tobin also had her license suspended and apparently lost the use of her vehicle after the second arrest. What to do? Why not “borrow” someone else’s car? Just to get home, mind you.

So, according to police, Tobin stole a car and was making her way home when officers spotted her. Which was easy because she had stolen a pizza delivery vehicle with a big Domino’s sign on the top. (Below, what said car top sign might have looked like)

In an attempt to flee the police, Tobin allegedly crashed the car and fled, but was caught by cops when she hiding behind a bush. In the end, for her efforts Ms. Tobin not only gets her fourth OUI charge in two years, but also larceny of a motor vehicle, leaving the scene of an accident, and operating with a suspended license.

Source: Cape Cod Online

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