Drunk Street Sweeper Goes to Buy Candy, Ends Up in Low Speed Chase With Cops

A drunk man, who doesn’t have a driver’s license was arrested last week after leading police on a low-speed chase when he got lost while on the job when he wanted to buy candy.

No, really.

Here’s more on the story from the New York Post:

A blind-drunk Brooklyn street sweeper with an insatiable sweet tooth took his broom-mobile out to get candy — and ended up 40 miles away on a Long Island highway in a low-speed chase with cops, sources said on Friday.
Jerry Mitchell, 48, who has no driver’s license, was cleaning the Gateway Center Mall while double the legal alcohol limit at around 8 p.m. on Thursday, police said.
The father of four told cops he went around the corner to buy some sweets and got “lost” — and somehow made it all the way to the Southern State Parkway.
Concerned drivers saw him piloting the white 2005 Isuzu erratically around Hempstead and called 911, according to police.
“One of our guys cut him off [and] intercepted him,” a police source told The Post. “But he refused to pull over for almost 2 miles. I guess you could say it was a slow-speed chase. He was going about 35 miles per hour.”

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