Video: Idiots at F&R Auto Hassling a Pizza Delivery Guy

We saw this video in the news, but didn’t realize how awful it was until I saw more about the actual incident from Imgur:

F&R Auto in Westport, MA ordered a little over $42 worth of pizza & soda. They gave the driver $50, which consisted of a $5 bill, some $1 bills, and whatever else was needed to make up the $50. To troll and fuck with the delivery driver, they called up his employer – Palace Pizza (North Dartmouth, MA, and fucking delicious!) – to have him return with their $7 ‘change.’ After he’d left. He returned, bringing them the whole $7 (the $5 and two $1 bills they had given him), and they berated him, humiliated him, and threatened to have him fired. They filmed it, and finding it amusing, put it on YouTube. Yeah.

WARNING: Some not safe for work language is used.

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