Video: Young Russians Trying to Keep Cars Off the Sidewalk

Really? You need to organize a movement to stop this? Where are the Russian cops while this was going on?

Summary of the video: there’s a very wide sidewalk that runs parallel to street in this Russian city and drivers seem to regularly want to take it to avoid traffic . . . or just because they’re idiots.

The “Stop a Douchebag” movement attempts to stop these drivers by standing in front of their cars and asking them–nicely–to turn around and get back on the actual road. When that fails, they put a very large sticker (about the size of a basketball) on their windshield. (And they don’t come off easily, as you will see.)  Oddly, some people aren’t happy about this.

And this is Episode 17 of this series. I have to see the other 16.

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