Boy Testifies That Utah teacher Brianne Altice Didn’t Stop Sex with Teen After Her Arrest

The story of female teacher Brianne Altice is not a new one, but the details of it do keep getting better and better.  In the most recent testimony in a hearing to see if Altice would stand trial, one of the boys she’s accused of having sex with told the judge that the pair continued to have sex, even AFTER she was arrested.

That’s determination.

Here’s more from NOLA:

Brianne Altice, 35, who taught English at Davis High School in Kaysville, Utah, is accused of 14 felony charges, including rape, sodomy, sexual abuse and sex with a minor.

The Layton, Utah, student, now 18, testified at a hearing Thursday that he had sex with Altice before and after she was arrested in October 2013 for having a sexual relationship with another student, The Salt Lake Tribune reports. 

Teen also testified that he considered her to be his girlfriend during a yearlong relationship involving sexual intercourse and oral sex. Altice also sent the boy a text message with a photograph of her breasts in June 2014, authorities said.

After hearing testimony from the teen and several other witnesses, Judge John Morris in 2nd District Court found probable cause for Altice to stand trial.

The judge also ordered Altice to stay jailed. Bail was revoked after allegations she had sex with the third victim following her arrest.

The teen on the stand said he was “unhappy” to be required to testify against Altice. He said their relationship halted after he was arrested for witness tampering and retaliation against a witness in the case.

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