Female Teacher Sex Scandal Update: Erica Lynne Mesa Had Boys Lined Up in Basement to Have Sex w. Her

More details on a post we had a few days ago about a Virginia teacher, Erica Lynne Mesa, 28 (mugshot right) who has plead guilty to having sex with as many as four young men (probably more) and now faces 22 years in prison as a result.

Apparently, Ms. Mesa was so popular with the boys she had to have them take a number and wait a turn in the basement of her house. And yes, she was married at the time . . . but apparently not anymore for obvious reasons.

Here’s more from the NY Daily News:

She faces up to 22 years in prison at her sentencing hearing scheduled for May 21. She has been in custody since her Sept. 29 arrest.

As a mathematics instructor at Colonial Forge High School, Mesa had sex with four male students, including an incident where one teen waited his turn in Mesa’s basement while she had intercourse with another student upstairs, she told police.

She also had sex with one of the students in a parking lot on his 18th birthday, she acknowledged.

Doing so made her feel “attractive and wanted,” she told investigators, according to the newspaper.

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