Video: East Georgia Mayor Attempting To Abuse Her Authority, Caught On Bodycam – Mary Ann Whipple-Lue

Nothing like pulling the “I’m the Mayor!” Card on a cop who’s in the middle of a traffic stop.  A little part of me is hoping she gets tasered.

Here’s more from the LiveLeak description:

Gordon, GA – A citizens group in an East Georgia town that wants the removal of their mayor has posted a video showing a confrontation between the mayor and a police officer making a DUI arrest.

The group “Concerned Citizens of Gordon, Ga.” posted the video on their Facebook page, showing the exchange between Gordon Mayor Mary Ann Whipple-Lue and the officer.

The group says they obtained the video recorded on Monday night, March 16, by a body camera on the officer through an Open Records request.

The arrest took place in front of the mayor’s property.

After the officer had questioned and handcuffed the suspect, you hear Mayor Whipple-Lue walking up and asking the officer what’s going on. She then tells the officer that she needs the vehicles moved out of the way now.

After the officer asked the mayor to step back, she said, “I need it (the vehicles) moved out of the way right now” and added “I should not be blocked in.”

After the officer said he was in the middle of making an arrest, Mayor Whipple-Lue said “If you can’t move it, I can move it.”

When the officer told her that neither she nor the suspect could move the cars and she needed to step back, you can see the mayor on camera saying “You’re defying me. Now, I’m the mayor so get this car out of the way so I can get out of the way.”

As the confrontation intensifies, the mayor asks the officer, “Are you going to arrest me?” He said, “I will arrest you for obstruction.” She replied, “You will not arrest me” but the officer answered, “Yes, ma’am, I will arrest you.”

After the two minute exchange, the officer asks her to please go back to her vehicle. She replies, “You’ve got some nerve.”

The citizens group has battled with the mayor for several months, trying to have her removed from office because she allegedly has abused her powers.

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