Female Teacher/Coach, 25, Arrested On Sex Charges – Kourtnie A. Sanchez

Once agaKourtnie Sanchezin we have a hot young lady teacher/coach accused of having sex with multiple underage males. (Apparently it’s not enough to have sex with just one teen-aged boy anymore!)
But what REALLY makes this story different is that the accused, Kourtnie A. Sanchez, 25 of Eureka, CA is that she was only a student teacher at  Marshall Elementary School and as such was not “certified” and should not have been coaching girls basketball and volleyball at a nearby junior high.  Oops.
According to cops, Ms. Sanchez–reportedly a married mother of 3–was booked for electronic solicitation, unlawful sexual relations, solicitation of unlawful sexual relations and three counts of promoting obscenity to a minor, and most of those are felonies. Reports say all three boys were between 14 and 17 years old (one source said their could be more, uh, victims) and the events took place over about a five month period last year.  No word on what started the investigation, but likely some boy bragged to his friends.  Oh, and authorities have also ordered that she turn over all her Snapchat records. Interesting.
About all the embarrassed school district will say is that she left back in December “following a situation” but did not provide any more details. Sanchez was in court this week to face the charges and will likely go on trial soon.
Source: Daily Mail
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