Man Shoots at Armadillo, Accidentally Hits Mother-In-Law Instead

I see. The old “I was aiming at the armiadillo and “accidentally” shot my mother-in-law by mistake” escuse.

Works every time! Here’s more from

Larry McElroy, 54, intended to shoot the animal with his 9mm pistol, but the bullet ended up ricocheting off the armadillo, hitting a fence and going through the back door of his mother-in-law’s mobile home. The bullet traveled about 100 yards, The Huffington Post reports. 

McElroy’s mother-in-law, 74-year-old Carol Johnson didn’t suffer severe injuries. The bullet went through the back of Johnson’s recliner, hitting her back. Lee County Investigator Bill Smith tells WALB that Johnson was able to walk and talk after the incident occurred. She was take to Phoebe North Hospital for treatment.

WALB says that residents are actually encouraged to shoot at armadillos. 

James Morgan, the Dougherty County Extension Coordinator, says shooting is “an effective way of getting rid of them.” Morgan does add that people need “to be safe” when shooting at the animals.

Police say that those in the county should use a shotgun to avoid McElroy’s mistake, KPTV says.

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