Video: Swedish cops break up subway fight on 6 Train in NYC

Did you hear about this one? Some Swedish police officers on vacation in New York City help break up a fight on a subway train and help restrain the combatants.

Details from CBS News:

A group of Swedish law enforcement officers who were vacationing in the United States broke up a fight on a New York subway.

Erik Naslund, Samuel Kvarzell, Markus Asberg and Eric Jansberger were headed to see a Broadway performance of “Les Miserables” on Wednesday when a brawl broke out between two men on a crowded train.

CBS New York’s radio affiliate 1010 WINS reports the train operator took to the intercom to see if there were any police officers on the train. The Swedish officers then stepped up to the plate.

Police say the four held one of the brawlers until New York Police Department officers responded and took him to a hospital. The Swedish officers went on their way. But witnesses captured the scene on video.

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