Psychologist: Teacher/student sex scandals on the rise

Well, no kidding! Anyone who reads The Dumbass Daily could tell you that the number of students and teachers (especially female teachers) hooking up has increased dramatically over the past few years.

Let’s see if you agree with this shrink’s analysis of the situation:

Dr. Stephen Ross, a Fort Wayne forensic psychologist, has evaluated six teachers accused in student sex scandals over the past several years. He said new technology, like social media, and a more sexualized culture have created a recipe for increased inappropriate relationships.

“It’s easier now for students and teachers to get in contact with each other,” Dr. Ross explained.

Pornography is much more widespread today than 20 years ago, which the psychologist thinks contributes to a more sexualized culture in both students and teachers. Regardless of how students may dress or act, they’re not the ones to blame. It’s ultimately the burden of the teacher to prevent such incidents.

Generally speaking, Dr. Ross said each incident is different depending on the teacher. Female teachers usually become emotionally involved with students who they’re trying to help. That teacher may have marital or family problems and begin relying on the student to care for her. That’s when Dr. Ross said the female teacher crosses the line.

“Male teachers, I’ve noticed when they do this, it tends to be more sexualized, more graphic, throwing out pictures of their genitalia or what not and asking for pictures,” Dr. Ross said.

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