Former Florida teacher sentenced to 22 years for having sex with high school students – Jennifer Fichter

Wow! 22 years.  We’ve been doing this blog long enough to remember when female teachers pretty much all got a slap on the wrist probation and were treated as helpless victims of horny teen-aged boys. But not anymore.

Judges are now seeing that these ladies are making choices–most of them stupid–that impact not just their lives but the lives of their victims. Case in point is Jennifer Fichter, 30, the former teacher at Lakeland’s Central Florida Aerospace Academy English teacher who started having affairs with students back in 2008, but instead of being fired was moved to another school where she took up right where she left off.

And now she’s getting some real jail time. Here’s more from PIX11:

Jennifer Fichter, 30, pled guilty to 37 counts of child sex charges. The first accusation of ‘inappropriate conduct’ reportedly came in 2008, when she was accused of having sex with an eighth grader. She resigned, but was subsequently hired by a different school district, and the conduct began again shortly thereafter. According to WTSP, she admitted to having sex with just one of the students around 20-30 times, with one of them leading to her getting an abortion.

‘All I can say is I’m so sorry,’ the former English teacher told family members and the court. ‘I wish I could go back and remove what I have done,’ ‘I hate what I have done. I wish I could go back and think about them (the victims) before me.’

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