Male Teacher Accused of Daily Sex with Teen in Fourth Sex Scandal at Infamous “Horndog High” in New York – James Madison High School

You remember Horndog High don’t you? James Madison High School in Brooklyn, New York?

It started in 2009 with two female teachers caught having sex in a classroom, then moved on to a female teacher having sex with a male student that same year. In 2012 another female teacher was arrested for having sex with a male student in her office.

And that brings us to 2015 where Robert Cain is not only accused of having sex repeatedly with a female student at the school, he was then dismissed, but re-hired at a school in New Jersey after apparently passing a State Police background check.

Here’s more on the story from

The report stated Cain, a 38-year-old husband and father-of-two, met his victim in September 2013. The pair joked, bantered, and he praised her outfits and looks.
Cain then spoke of his divorce and “lack of sex”, prompting the student to “not want to see him depressed”.
By November, Cain confessed he had “inappropriate feelings” for the girl. When alone in his office, he allegedly ocked the door and groped her breasts from behind.
The report stated they then had sex, which went onto become their daily routine for two months, including an outing to a hotel.
Their relationship ended after Christmas when the girl got jealous, and a complaint was lodged against Cain in February last year.
Cain has denied all allegations — despite investigators showing him CCTV footage of him walking into the hotel with the girl and a booking receipt.

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