Teacher Charged For Victimizing Male Teen With Month-Long Sex Fling Has Worked At Dirty Dick’s – Kimberly Lynne Umphlett

Teacher/Waitress Kimberly Lynne Umphlett is in big trouble . . . and it’s not for getting your order wrong at a place called Dirty Dick’s Crab House, a seafood restaurant in North Carolina.

Nope, it sounds Like Ms, Umphlett is in trouble for having sex with a student (likely male) while she was still a teacher less than two months ago at Currituck County High School.

More on the story from the Daily Caller:

Umphlett, 24, had been a teacher at Currituck County High School. Police investigators say she had “inappropriate conduct and sexual contact with a student.”

Police believe the trysts began in April and continued for about a month. The last encounter between Umphlett and the student was around the day when the student revealed the relationship to another teacher at Currituck County High, police say.

That teacher contacted school administrators, who then contacted police.

Local news reports fastidiously do not indicate whether the student is male or female. However, the student is identified as a male teenager by the Daily Mail and Boston Newstime.

Umphlett’s Facebook page indicates that she is — or was — an employee at Dirty Dick’s Crab House, a seafood restaurant in Avon, N.C., notes The Inquisitr.

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