Teacher’s Aide, 40, Caught Having Sex in Van at Public Park w. Boy, 16 – Rachell Silva

You can tell how poorly paid our public school teachers are when they can’t even afford a cheap motel room to have sex with their students. Once again, one of them was caught in a parked vehicle in a public place with an underage student. Sad, really.

The latest case in point involves Rachell Silva, 40, a teacher’s aide (they get paid even less!) at Thomas Haley Elementary School in Irving, Texas. Police patrolling Senter Park last Wednesday evening about 11:30 pm noticed a van parked there and decided to investigate. When the officer shined his light inside, he found Silva performing a sex act on the boy. You know what they say about “if the van’s a rockin’ . . . “

Cops say Silva admitted she new the boy was only 16 and was promptly arrested at the scene for improper relationship between an educator and student, and was held on $50,000 bond.

Unless this kid has been held back like 10 times, he wasn’t a student of Silva’s at the elementary school.

Source: Dallas Morning News

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