Video: University of Alabama Alpha Phi Sorority Slammed for Recruitment Video

UPDATE: We have the full video! We searched the Interwebs and found it. Watch it before it’s gone again!

EARLIER: So, what would you put in a video if you were a sorority full of hot girls and wanted to recruit more hot girls? Well, probably something like what the Alpha Phi chapter at the University of Alabama did. But that doesn’t mean someone else might think you should be focusing on other things, like getting and education and diversity.

More from the Daily Mail:

A University of Alabama sorority has been slammed for their recruitment video which critics are saying is racially-homogeneous and lacks diversity.
Alpha Phi, who are based at the Tuscaloosa campus, uploaded the footage to YouTube and it has since been viewed 500,000 times.
But some have accused them of selling themselves on looks alone while one writer has said they are doing more damage to women than presidential candidate Donald Trump.
The very glossy and professional film includes the group of 72, mostly-white, members partying and attending events inside their sprawling sorority house.

The sorority pulled the video from its website, but not before someone else snagged it an posted it to YouTube. Better watch it before they pull it again!

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