22 year old Nsikak Ekpenyong and 20-year-old John Ekpenyong brothers beat dad regularly for not checking with them before marrying his new wife in Nigeria.

Having a step mom is always a tricky situation. You don’t know how things are going to go once your dad marries her. Is she going to be a complete nightmare? Is she going to spend all his money? Is she going to be a good stepmom? You just don’t know. But when your dad is 56 and she’s younger than you and your sibling, she’s 20, by the way. Do you congratulate dad for finding a much younger chick to marry? Are you jealous of dad because you can’t get a young chick? Do you beat dad senseless?
These guys decide to beat dad regularly and when she gives birth to dads newest child one brother decides it’s time for dad to die. Luckily dad survives.

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