Arielle Engert of Palm Harbor, Florida, arrested in Clearwater and tries to get out of it by offering 3 Pinellas County Deputies oral. They decline?? It’s probably worked before.

Hot chicks always seem to have it easy. Everyone wants to be their friend, boyfriend, groupie etc.  They always seem to have everything.  Nice car, clothes, shoes etc. In other words they always seem to get what they want. When Arielle Engert got arrested she thought bribing the cops with “favors” she could provide would get her out of it.  Has this tactic gotten her out of trouble before? In my opinion it probably has, considering how she looks. However this time she came across 3 of the straightest cops she has probably ever encountered and failed miserably.

More at TBO

I’m betting she’s done this before and cops have let her go. (my opinion)

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