Celia Bufkin of Jensen Beach Florida assaults friend in parking lot when he asks for his car keys.

We’ve all been there. A drunk friend does not want you to leave them alone, even though you have better things to do than babysit a drunk adult. You eventually end up getting out, sometimes it takes a little longer than you like, nevertheless you escape. This poor fool apparently let Celia Bufkin,  26, get ahold of his keys and when he asked for them, she responded with a beer bottle narrowly missing his head.  Her teeth did not miss his arm as the bite “was so deep it looked as though it was a deep cyst or blister,” the police report states. Once the police got her in the car she pissed all over the back of the car and started to kick at the windows. The type of girl every guy wants to bring home to mom.

More at Palm Beach Post

Is that a straight jacket?

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