Colorado State Univ. student Stefan Sortland, 18, takes Molly, gets kicked out of concert, steals ambulance, masturbates in jail and then beats up 2 cops who brought him lunch. And that’s just on Saturday.

Everyone has that friend who drank for the first time and could not stop talking until he puked up his beer. Or the one who smoked pot for the first time and ate everything in the house in about 15 minutes. What this guy did is just downright Amateur/Wildman all in one. Steal an ambulance while the EMT crew is working on someone and then be wearing the EMT vest  while eating a box of Wheat Thins after you crash the ambulance is somewhat bizzare. Get tasered by police because you don’t listen to their orders. There’s more,  masturbate in front of everyone while in jail and then assault 2 cops when they bring you food?? That’s quite an evening.

My Fox 8 for more

Wheat Thins are good.

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