Darius McCollum steals Greyhound Bus from the NY Port Authority Bus Terminal and tells NYPD he’s going to steal a plane next.

This guy has been arrested 29 times for posing as a transit employee. Buses, trains it does not matter.
He has driven the routes, fixed tracks, taken tolls. In 2000 he was in a subway control tower until someone noticed and called the NYPD. In 2004 he tried taking over a Long Island Rail Road train.
He’s best known for when as a 15-year-old he operated an E train from 34th Street to the World Trade Center without the conductor or passengers noticing that a kid was driving their subway. I know New Yorkers are always busy but come on now!!  In case you were wondering he was 15 in 1981 so he’s been at this for the last 34 years. 

WSJ for more

Who says NYC is not a melting pot.

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