Douglas Elliman NYC broker Kinga Tabares is so drunk she allegedly steals a NYC taxi cab and goes for a wild ride.

I’ve said it before, drinking too much is never a good look for anyone. No matter who you are, a convenience store worker or a wall street power broker. This NY real estate broker was so drunk and wild the cab driver drove straight to the closet NYPD station to have them help him deal with her. It’s a NY city cab driver who did this. They see the best and the worst of NYC, so for this cab driver to drive straight to the police station just shows how much of a drunken mess this 27 year old woman must have been. When he goes into the station to get the cops, she jumps in the drivers seat and takes off in his taxi. When the cops find her she’s in the Chelsea neighborhood of Manhattan throwing up out of the drivers window. Like I said, drinking too much is never a good look, especially for a Douglas Elliman real estate broker.

The Real Deal for more

Like the eyebrows.


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