DUMBASS Alberto Correia Lacerda crashes his car twice leaves car debris all over the road and snaps his tire off in the process. His tire is found 150 feet away from car.

This sounds more like something see you see at NASCAR. This credit to his community Alberto Correia Lacerda, 37,  of Orlando Florida crashed into a guardrail in Altamonte Springs, leaving car debris all over the road but he did not notice or care and just kept going.  Minutes later he crashed into a concrete median which snapped his tire off and he kept going causing damage to the road itself. How do you damage a road? Just ask Alberto, he seems to know. When police arrive the front-passenger tire is 150 feet away from the car. Is it any surprise that good old Alberto had a blood-alcohol content measured at .297 and .295, nearly four times Florida’s legal limit for drivers of .08, an arrest report said.

More at Orlando Sentinel

His head looks huge in this picture. (my opinion)

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