DUMBASS Russian sailor drinks half a liter of rum then crashes 423 foot, 7000 ton cargo ship full speed into Scotland. Hey look out for Scotland on your left.

Drunk driving is a problem no matter where you are. On the road, in the air, on the water. The oceans take up most of the earth and even out there you have to watch what you’re doing. Drinking half a liter of rum is not good even if you’re just sitting at home so imagine being in control of a 423 foot , 7000 ton cargo ship. The stories we all hear about people driving drunk and hitting other cars, running over people, killing people etc. Hell, people do that when they’re not drunk. I’ve never heard of someone so drunk that they did not see the country in front of them.  Yeah you read it correctly, this guy hit Scotland at full speed.

More at Independent

Welcome to Scotland.

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