Even the substitute teachers are getting in on the student/teacher sex scandals. San Pedro California High School substitute teacher Michelle Yeh can’t keep her pants on. Allegedly.

These teachers just don’t seem to learn. So many have gone down in flames before them yet they continue to think with their V@#$&@!!
I’m going to give you a few ideas on how to continue with your perverse ways and make it less scandalous.
 Why not find a kid in high school who just turned 18, maybe from another school, at the supermarket, the gym. That way he’s still in high school, he’s of legal age goes to another school than the one you teach at and if he tells his friends they won’t know who you are. She’s been involved with 4 boys from her school. Including at one boys own home in his bedroom. Where are these kids parents that a 15 year old can bring home a 28 year old woman and have sex with her in his own bed.
My mom was always home, I could not even go to the 7-11 without being interrogated. My how times have changed.

ABC7 for more

I wish I was still in high school with teachers like this.

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