Hialeah Florida Mayor Carlos Hernandez tries to pay ETHICS fine (Thats’ a surprise a politician with an ethics violation) with pennies and nickels that’s related to ponzi scheme. Can you believe a politician LIED?

Politicians are all the same, they talk and talk and never really get anything done except for raising our taxes and padding their own wallets. They are always doing things the way they think is right and just because they think it’s right does not mean it is right. Usually it’s wrong but it fits what they want to do. This has to do with a PONZI SCHEME. So this DUMBASS mayor from Hialeah Florida has to pay a ethics fine, surprise, and he knows they only accept checks. So Mr. Bigshot sends 28 buckets of pennies and nickels along with TV camera crews to film it. He gets rejected!!

Miami Herald for more

Only in Miami, only in the Banana Republic. (my opinion)

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