Kasia Rivera runs a quack cosmetology practice out of her East Orange New Jersey home and injects mans penis with silicone.

In these tough times everyone is always on the lookout for a good deal. At the supermarket, clothing store,  shoe stores etc. If you can get a good product for less than what it usually sells for that’s a good deal. Yet when shopping for health related things you should always be cautious of what your looking for and what is being offered cheaply. Justin Street of East Orange NJ wanted a bigger penis and decided to visit Kasia Rivera,38, also of East Orange NJ to have her make it bigger. Call me crazy but when you go to someone’s home for such a procedure wouldn’t you start questioning this whole plan. Would you rather not be going to a Dr’s office, medical center, private plastic surgeon hospital etc. Not some lady’s basement in East Orange New Jersey for gods sake.

More at NY Post

I wouldn’t let her take my temperature.

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