Kirsten Yelanda Gaffney, 25, of Cocoa Beach Florida arrested for shoplifting Trojan His and Hers Lubricant from the Publix in Eustis even though she had $600 on her debit card.

There are many things you can purchase at the supermarket that can be somewhat embarrassing to do so. You have certain hygiene products, certain prescriptions, certain sexual aids etc. I can understand it and I’m sure you can to but you have to pay for it otherwise you’re looking at a shoplifting charge and no one needs that. Kirsten Yelanda Gaffney must have been mortified to bring the Trjoan His and Hers Sex Lubricant to the cash register at Publix and chanced the theft charge.

Daily Commercial for more

Publix – 1
Kirsten – 0

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